He got me into blogging…

Bob Costas has been such a jerk that he got me engough motivation to finaly start this blog. Nice one Bob !

Let’s jump to the conclusion right away, Bob Costas is a tool :

Well not much to say, he’s been trying to buzz by obviously being an ass. But there’s a point worth mentionning : such opinion is against any kind of olympic spirit.

He’s denying athletes because they are recognized as a social group with different social codes. You know our too large pants, the way we wear our helmets and jerseys, the way we ride backward… And yeah, there might be more jackass fans among snowboarder than average. While all of us might not fall in this category, we won’t deny it, the sport has been built around this and still carries this image.

And that’s cool, that’s a social identity. Every sport has one. Now one should be able to see through it and recongnize that flying upside-down multiple times on a 50 footer jump is an athletic performance, whatever the size of the pants or the haircut. It’s even written in the olympic charter actually.

So no, we won’t try to say that slopestyle is better than curling or aerials. We’re gonna be respectful to all sports, and maybe even watch them*. The best answer snowboarder can give to this is to have a nice competition, with everybody having a blast, landing sick tricks and hoping that the other guys we’ll land something even crazier.

Because yes, we all get pumped at watching other being good at snowboarding, even if it means they are better than us. You don’t get much more olympic if you ask me.

*With everything being on demand now, chances are I won’t watch crosscountry skiing though …


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