What you won’t see at the olympic slopestyle

Apparently there’s a big event going down soon that’s gonna make park riding known to the world. At least a very very very specific kind of park riding, that nobody actually does out of big contests.

So here is a little complement, just for general culture ya’now … Oh, yeah, it’s only transition based parks. Might be a bit of personal prefercence here. But who would argue they are the god damn most fucking fun thing to ride ?

Howly Bowly : Japan … says it all.

Danny Davis’ Peace Pipe : Not technically a contest. But I really like when riders have a strong idea about the way snowboard should be and actually make the thing comes true.

Wappulonas : Never been there myself, but it seems like it’s the place to be.

Handplant Holidays : JP Walker setting a one of a kind contest, once again. Makes me feel a bit like “god damnit, I’d to ride this thing and not only handplants”. But handplants are cool too.

Snake and Hammers series : Hate the company as much as you like, you have to admit that nike has been doing a real good job in park event lately. The snake & hammers looks great and it’s really nice they made a serie out of it, making it accessible to a lot of riders.

Most of this event are non-olympisable, mainly because their format, but also because from one year to another they might be “biased” toward a certain type of riding. And nobody actualy cares. But I could watch and ride this all day … can we say the same about the slope at the olympic ?

Addittion, thx to VNlilMAN  : Grenades games are definitely snowboard games and definitely not olympic style. Looks like hell of a spring session.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/68817484″&gt;

Feel free to share more vids with creatives park competitons, I’ll update the post.


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2 responses to “What you won’t see at the olympic slopestyle”

  1. VNlilMAN says :

    You forgot grenade games. And best of all, unlike half of these, some of the events are open to the public

    • MMM says :

      Thanks for the addition of DK’s GG.

      I made a mix of public and invitational stuff. The idea behind was more the kind of jumps and tricks you see.

      But yeah, public events are a lot more fun !

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