X-games big air : ski is doing much better than snowboard

I could not help but compare the two big air events. In snowboard it’s been triple underflips and triple corks only, mute grap being the weapon of choice. So as I said, everything in the kicker axis. And as I forgot, everything normal stance.

Change clothes and everybody is confused …

In skis there’s been double mystis in all sort of ways, some sideways stuff I don’t even know the name of. Nose butter in, tail butter in, super-stylish double grabs. Different kind of triples.

Now you know who is who, not some anonymous variations of the same trick.

Variety, creativity, technicallity. Hard doubles or straight spin were playing on equal ground with “easier” triple. So NO it doesn’t have to be all triples. YES cool things can be done with doubles and triples.

As sorry as I am to say that, snowboard should really go the path ski is going in big air. And with Rolland and Wise battling for amplitude and smoothness rather than extra 180’s, I’m afraid that it’s gonna be all the same in half-pipe …


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