X-games : What did we see in big air that wasn’t in slopestyle ?

Seeing almost the same tricks being in big air than in slopestyle, except for 1620 version of the bs triple cork, I wondered why do we even have this competition.

If you look a bit back in the past, big air hasn’t alwasy been there. Back in the 90’s it used to be a standard comp’, mainly because it was easier to build a single jump. When it grew boring, some people tried to make it two or three jumps in a row, like what happened at X or at Air & Style. Ultimately the competition was discontinued at X after 2000 and the only big events running big-air were urban ones, where couldn’t really build a full slopestyle, mainly Air & Style.

Now the discipline is back to Xs since 2008, and for what ? World firsts of course. ESPN want to score high on the youtube/social media buzz effect : “First ever n-uple landed at X”.

But this year it didn’t happen, and slopestyle was 10 times much better to watch, with almost the same substance. Let’s hope big-air/best trick dies again.


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