X-games halfpipe :  Danny Davis saves the day, judges AND riders are to blame.

So if you’re a cool dude like me, you probably hate the way competitive snowboard is going. That’s the way to be a hipster (and rightfully so).

And you also probably thought that Mr Danny Davis just saved the day with this very run (watch it again, it doesn’t get old) :

No need to say how much is doing for us, both with his dream-pipe and his riding.

Everything else has been rubish.  Louie Vito not even using the vert, litteraly poping midway throug the pipe landing on the flat, muscling his way to the next (begining of the) wall into a massive 1.80 meter air. I don’t how such a thing even scores points. Greg betz : front, cab, front *OMG i have a back edge*, back *but I don’t like it after all*, front, cab. Using half your board should get you half the points.

Now there are a few things to note here about judging … and riding : 93 to Louie Vito run means there’s something god damn wrong in the judging system. 95 to Danny’s mean that proper riding can gets proper scoring…if it’s ever performed by anybody. Judges can only judge what they are shown, it’s easy to bash them, but riders have their part to play too.

PS : bashing Vito never gets old.

Done for contest until the olympics, gonna blog on other topics !


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