What an olympic slopestyle should be.

I said how much I like transition based, more skatepark like courses, with jam formats. But let say the olympics are not ready for this. But even with a feature by feature run, we could do much much better.

So here is my design of a 6 features run, skecthes are crappy and out of scale, but it’s just for explaining.

 Classic rails : long and not too steep and almost flat side enter.  Why not a full kink ? Why no kickers ? So that it’s not gapable. You’re looking for a solid slide here  with a good ollie not a 450 to left foot touch. A way to give points to lipslide and hardway in too. Also no need for fancy one million options rails : riders always take the same line anyways.rails

The Wall : The wall ride has been one of the main feature of street and parks those last years. It shouldn’t be an option, it  has to be a mandatory part of every run : if you can’t ride you don’t deserve a good score ! Both step down drop and side kickers. Made so that you have to slide the wall before eventually boardsliding the top.wall

 The hip :   One of our most typical jump, should be mandatory too. One each side of course, big, with steep landing and take off. Here you want to get a lot of air with a stylish grab. A big alley-oop or 270 can also score big here, and although some spins are possible it’s a gamble on amplitude. One important part is that it’s a flat take-off as opposed to edge take off on straight jumps, so different skills involved.Hip

The bonks : Cannon, bonk sphere, air rainbows. Here you’re looking for nose bonks, miller flips, big gap to rail, rail to spin etc. The «touch» feeling and the hang time would be the difference makers.bonks

The Jump : unleash the triple ! No step down here. It’s less spectacular on TV, but landing are cleaner with less step down and it’s possible to have the same hang time. Be sure to land clean, you’re gonna want some speed for the last one !jump

The face quarter : the big baddy. A unique kind of feature. You can go double, maybe even triple, or score as big with a method or a McTwist if you go big. Few riders are able to ride it well, but when they do …quarter

If I were to add features I would add a second straight jump before the first one . And a little jib after the quarter, on the way up, low speed/fun style.

Many other setup are possible but you get the point : mix skills and jump styles as much as possible, give the rider a chance to score with air and style as much, favor clean landing by favoring speed carrying. You don’t really need to go exotic to bring variety.

Of course, this would cost a bit to build…


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