No love for the mute grab ?

So it sounds like the latest cool thing to do is to bash the mute grab, because it has no style, because they make everybody look the same or whatever.

I’m all in for hipsters to do triple grabs (the third one is with your mouth) with 15 shiftys : do all you can with your board, that’s for the best (just don’t expect old schooler to like it). But a little historical point has to be made, upon why we came to this point.

At some point we got tired of this.

At some point we got tired of this.

Because yeah, Danny Davis didn’t invent the Kelly air* … and there was a lot of those funny grabs back in the days. But some people came in with a skate style, super smooth, super-boxed, no crazy tweaks and pokes. Ultimately, people like Devun Walsh or JP Soldberg  developed a style that was all boxed mute, lien and indy. And it was, and still is, fuckin’ stylish.

Why ? Because of really off axis roation and smoothness. They spinned in so many different ways, bs rodeos, misties of all kinds. And always super smooth like it was nothing, like they were rotating with no efforts although they were going a direction the kicker never wanted them to.

Way to make an indy look stylish (photo

Way to make an indy look stylish (photo

Now look at that kid with gold around his neck. The whole community is so happy to see «style winning». Holy crail or not, he was  not really what you call smooth and did the trick that was the closest thing to a double back full of the whole contest. Double grab or not, when he goes upside-down, that’s the way the kicker tell him to (and he his not the only one to do so).

As I said, I’m all in for all kind of grabs, including the mute. But I also want to see all kinds of rotations, not only triple-grab back flips.

*I feel like I have to mention that Craig Kelly did …


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