X games : back to the axis, back to big air

So x-games big air has been all about triples. As everybody would have expected. And there were some nice ones, landed super clean.

But of course if you want to be a cool dude, you have to complain about triples. Just as people did complain about doubles when they came out, even with 1080’s, even with switch bs 720 (ok it was super boring to see 1 billion finns stomping sw bs 7 in big air world cup).

But I don’t think triples are a the problem. The problem is that everybody is doing the same triple. More than that, bs cork or underflip, the axis perpendiduclar to the kicker is dominant, when not the only. Sounds too technical ? Reads : fucking aerial tricks where the kicker kicks the guy into a triple backflip.

Why did we like bs rodeos ? Fs mistys ? Because they were all sideways, because the looked unatural, twisted. 

Now it’s not a fatality. The first double corks were awful and look at what Andreas Wiig is doing with them :

All sort of way to rotate, and most notably not doing the same rotation on the first and second cork. So there’s room for triple to be cool … it has just not yet happened.

And for that we have to move away from this shitty big air format. It’s not the triple, it’s not the spin to win, it’s the fact that big air has always sucked. Big times.


What you won’t see at the olympic slopestyle

Apparently there’s a big event going down soon that’s gonna make park riding known to the world. At least a very very very specific kind of park riding, that nobody actually does out of big contests.

So here is a little complement, just for general culture ya’now … Oh, yeah, it’s only transition based parks. Might be a bit of personal prefercence here. But who would argue they are the god damn most fucking fun thing to ride ?

Howly Bowly : Japan … says it all.

Danny Davis’ Peace Pipe : Not technically a contest. But I really like when riders have a strong idea about the way snowboard should be and actually make the thing comes true.

Wappulonas : Never been there myself, but it seems like it’s the place to be.

Handplant Holidays : JP Walker setting a one of a kind contest, once again. Makes me feel a bit like “god damnit, I’d to ride this thing and not only handplants”. But handplants are cool too.

Snake and Hammers series : Hate the company as much as you like, you have to admit that nike has been doing a real good job in park event lately. The snake & hammers looks great and it’s really nice they made a serie out of it, making it accessible to a lot of riders.

Most of this event are non-olympisable, mainly because their format, but also because from one year to another they might be “biased” toward a certain type of riding. And nobody actualy cares. But I could watch and ride this all day … can we say the same about the slope at the olympic ?

Addittion, thx to VNlilMAN  : Grenades games are definitely snowboard games and definitely not olympic style. Looks like hell of a spring session.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/68817484″&gt;

Feel free to share more vids with creatives park competitons, I’ll update the post.

He got me into blogging…

Bob Costas has been such a jerk that he got me engough motivation to finaly start this blog. Nice one Bob !

Let’s jump to the conclusion right away, Bob Costas is a tool :

Well not much to say, he’s been trying to buzz by obviously being an ass. But there’s a point worth mentionning : such opinion is against any kind of olympic spirit.

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